Best collection of Funny Marriage Quotes Pictures

Funny Marriage Quote

Funny marriage quotes are really so humorous .They will make you smile as well as think. If you are married person you will find some truth among these quotes and if you are not married yet, you will find some ideas about your future life. I hope you all enjoy these quotes. marriage is nothing but the bonding of two persons who admire, trust and obviously love each other, who want to share their good and bad times together and who want to spend … [Read more...]

Quotes About Ex Girlfriend/Wife or Boyfriend/Husband

dear ex girlfriend quote

Here i have come with some best Quotes About Ex Girlfriend/Wife or Boyfriend/Husband.Drear ex quotes are for those persons who have the bitter experiences of relationship and got separated from each other. In every relationship, couple dreams of a great and best exemplary relationship but some couples fail to do so. I personally believe that it is much more difficult to make a relationship successful than break up. So many factors plays very … [Read more...]

Short Sad Love Quotes For Him with Image in English

broken love quotes

Get these short sad love quotes for him, if you are a hurt broken girl and want to show the crying of your inside to your boyfriend of husband.Love is not always pleasant. Sometime it becomes a trauma if it is not a successful one. Love is not a tool of playing  rather it is a dangerous explosive in the senses that it can give you a lifetime pain for free. It is one of the toughest pain that could not be removed so easily. So be careful before … [Read more...]

Best Happy Birthday Wishes Images For Girlfriend or Wife

girlfriend birthday message

Get the Best Happy Birthday Images To Wish Your Girlfriend or Wife. Birthday is one one of the great events in anyone's life. Birthday means a new journey of someone on the earth. If Such someone is a special one to you who makes your life much more interesting or make you a happy person with their magic touch, The Birthday demands much more importance from you. In this post, I am placing some gorgeous or beautiful birthday wishes images for her … [Read more...]

Sad Love Quotes with Image for The Heartbroken Boys or Girls

depressed love quotes

Sad Love quotes represent the moments we experience in our life when s/he breaks your heart.Not everyone becomes successful in life. Some unlucky people faces the ugly aspects of Love. They feel so unwanted or cheated and consequently the lost their trust on the peoples. However some of the can recover themselves but have to leave with a bitter memories in rest of their life. I am Not Alone: I am not alone because loneliness is always with … [Read more...]