The Meaning of Love : Some Interesting and Informative Meaning

meaning of love

“The Meaning of Love” – most probably, is one of the most asked and still unsolved questions. Love is the most powerful God gifted feelings that exists not only in human being but also in every living organs around us. I personally believe that without love the existence of human being would not be possible for long time. I fear that there will be a time when love will be extinguished and note the time as a sign of the end of the world. If you … [Read more...]

Why Do People Fall in Love -Practical, Wired and Interesting Facts

Why Do People Fall in Love

Andrew and Sarah, two young, lovely, joyful persons who went to the same university. Sarah has beautiful, blue eyes which Andrew thinks world’s best. These wonderful eyes were the reason for which Andrew fell in love with Sarah. And why Sarah? She loved the way how Andrew praised her beauty, his compliments, his madness. John and Richa worked in the same organization. They were good colleagues and also good friends. They loved spend time … [Read more...]

Am I in Love ? How Do you Know You are in Love with Him or Her

Am i in love-how do you know you are in love

How Do you Know You are in Love with him/her ? or Am I in Love ? - this can be a real serious question if you are experiencing such situation for the first time. Like, love and infatuation are three states of mind, and share some common symptoms, which makes it difficult to distinguish love from mere liking or infatuation at the initial level. And for that it requires special observation of one’s own self to be precisely sure that s/he is really … [Read more...]

Get the Best Funny Picture Quotes about Husband and Wife

humorous quotes about husband and wife

Funny quotes about husband and wife are for those who want to poke his/her life partner. The relationship of husband and wife is one of the most cutest, sweetest and colorful one. There are so many ups and down of this relationship. This is a relationship of trust, respect, caring and so on. It is so important to make fun with each other otherwise it will be turned into a boring one. This could be so fatal that may lead to divorce. Remember, … [Read more...]

Best Collection of Funny Marriage Quotes Pictures

Funny Marriage Quote

Funny marriage quotes are really so humorous .They will make you smile as well as think. If you are a married person, you will find some truth among these quotes and if you are not married yet, you will find some ideas about your future life. I hope you all enjoy these quotes. Marriage is nothing but the bonding of two persons who admire, trust and obviously love each other, who want to share their good and bad times together and who want to … [Read more...]