Will You Be My Valentine Poems For Him/Her with Images (14 February 2016)

will you be my valentine

Get the best Will You Be My Valentine Poems with Images for offering your new love.Valentine's day is a special day for love couples or True Friends. It is very common to ask one by another to be his valentine for the day. But  What does "will you be my valentine" really mean? There was a time when the sentence "Will you be my valentine?" meant exactly what they said, which is  "will you date me" .But Now-a-days The phrase, “Will you be my … [Read more...]

Valentines Poems For Him; For Your Boyfriend or Husband

valentines day poems for your husband

You are the silver lightning, in every dark cloud, You are the reason why my heart is beating loud. You are the golden rose, in a yellow rose garden, You are the love of my life, pure and maiden. You are the queen bee, in a massive bee hive, You are the one, who is keeping me alive. You are the glowing moon, in a dark, lonely sky, You are the angel, bringing me constant joy, You are the gift, I would treasure but never give away, So … [Read more...]

Happy Valentines Day Poems For Her, For Your Girlfriend or Wife

Happy Valentines Day Poems For Her

  Wish I could send you all the twinkling stars of the sky, Or hundreds and thousands of lightning firefly. Or just could pick the moon peeping through the clouds, Or built you a castle far from the maddening crowds. But alas! Alas! Oh my girl! I know no magic; Though possess a true heart, unquestionably romantic. That heart is truly precious, invaluable to me, Because there I keep my princess, my love, thee. Hence in this … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day History and Facts -How Valentine’s Day Started?

Valentine's day history and facts

Having a lover or someone you adore? Then valentine day is the day to express your love or adoration towards them. This is a day celebrated world over. During this day, which is normally celebrated on the 14th day of February, people celebrate it by sending flowers, chocolates and cards full of love messages to express affection for one another. Though in most countries it is not a public holiday, it is celebrated with pomp and dance in the … [Read more...]

Love Story of PK Mahanandia Who Cycled Thousands Miles For Love

cute Love Story of PK Mahanandia

Who said East can’t meet West? This is a love story that has broken the boundaries on nobility, race and poverty to stick together. It has been around for the last 4 decades and still going strong. Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia, popularly known as Dr. PK from India, 4 decades ago, was a poor Indian young man who came from a family lineage which was looked down upon. He was so poor that he could not even afford school fees for his college … [Read more...]

Heart Touching Sad Love Breakup Messages for Boyfriend with Images

sad love quotes

This is the collection of Heart Touching Sad Love Breakup Messages for Boyfriend. Sometimes, We don't get in return what we do for others. There are so many girls instead of having real true feelings for their boyfriend faces the bitter situation breakup. This is really unexpectable. Why does it happen with a good and lovely girls who truly love him. Life is really mysterious sometimes. One reason could be, they fail to choice right person. It … [Read more...]